PREFA Privacy Policy: Data protection regulations

Our strategy to protect your data

We, PREFA Aluminiumprodukte GmbH (hereinafter referred to as “PREFA”), with registered offices in Austria, take the protection of your personal data very seriously and therefore strictly respect data protection regulations.

The following overview explains how we ensure this protection and what kind of data we acquire for what purposes.

However, we would like to point out that our websites may contain links to websites of our contractual partners and other providers, and that we can assume no liability for the content of such websites.

What information does PREFA collect about me?

We only collect, process and use personal data that you voluntarily provide us with, and which is necessary to carry out and use our services.

PREFA websites

We collect information about how you use our websites. When you visit one of our websites, your web browser or device sends us certain information including the type of browser and device that you use. We may also receive information from your browser about which pages on our websites you have visited and if applicable also the search terms that you entered in the search engine that lead you to our websites. Cookies and similar technology allow us to record information about your browsing habits and activity on our websites.

Emails from PREFA

When you subscribe to our newsletter, your first name, surname and email address are stored. If you enter a title and/or company name, we will also store this information. Our newsletter emails contain a tracking pixel which tells us whether you have received or opened the email or clicked on a link in the email. Each newsletter contains an “unsubscribe” link enabling you to stop receiving emails. You can also ask us to stop sending you emails by sending a quick email to the contact person below.

Online advertising by PREFA

We advertise online in a wide variety of ways. For example, we display adverts on other companies’ websites. We collect information about which adverts are displayed and clicked-on, and which websites these adverts are displayed on.

Buttons, tools and content of other companies

Our websites contain content, tools or buttons that link to other third party services (for example maps from Google Maps or Facebook’s “Like” button, or other services and features described in more detail in the “Which tracking technologies are used on our websites?” section). The inclusion of such links requires these third party companies to automatically see your IP address or other specific information via your browser. You can find more detailed information about this in the privacy policies of the respective companies.

PREFA pages on social media networks and login services

We have our own pages on many social media networks (such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.). You can sign in to our websites using your social media account. We may collect information when you interact with our websites accessed through these social media networks or if you sign in to them via our websites.

B2B online shop

We store the following data in our B2B online shop for the purpose of order handling: name, phone number, address and alternative delivery addresses.
We also use cookies which provide us with anonymous information about which pages of our online shop have been visited or which products have been viewed. You can find more information about this under “What are cookies and how are they used by PREFA?”. In addition, server log files are stored. You can find further information about these log files in the section “Which tracking technologies are used on our websites?” in the “Server log files” subsection.

What are cookies and how are they used by PREFA?

We use “cookies” on certain parts of our websites. Cookies are small text files which are filed on your computer and stored by your browser. These files are not linked to you as an individual in any way but are merely analysed for statistical purposes so that we can optimize our web services. They help us make our services more user-friendly, effective and secure. Our cookies do not contain your personal details or any security-relevant data in any form whatsoever. Cookies do not harm your computer, cannot be used for spying data on your device or for sending emails without you noticing, and do not contain viruses.

Some of our contractual partners use cookies to analyse user behaviour and subsequently to increase their online visibility (social targeting).

An individual “session” is stored for a short period of time on our server. The server creates log files which are also stored. These log files automatically contain records of all or specific processes and actions on a computer system.

When you close your browser, the session cookies are deleted immediately. After 24 months, the remaining cookies are also wiped. The cookies of our partners (e.g .Google, Facebook, etc.) expire within max. 24 months.

If you do not wish cookies to be used, you can disable them or restrict their use in your browser at any time. However, please be aware that if you do so, parts of our websites may not be displayed at an optimal level or may not function perfectly.

Cookie table

At the moment, no cookies are tracked on this website.

The following section “Which tracking technologies are used on our websites?” explains which software is used to set cookies on our websites and how to disable cookies.

Which tracking technologies are used on our websites?

Server log files

Together with our web hosting or webspace service provider “neteco IT GmbH & Co. KG” which has its server based in Austria, we collect data each time our websites are accessed. This access data includes the name of the accessed website, the date and time of access, the volume of data transferred, notifications of successful access, browser type and version, operating system, the referrer-URL and the requested provider. All of this data is only used for statistical analysis for the purposes of security, operation and optimization of websites. We reserve the right to review the logged data at any point if there is evidence-based, justified suspicion of unlawful use.

Google Analytics und Google Remarketing, Facebook Pixel und Facebook Remarketing

Our websites use

  • Google Analytics, remarketing technology and the “Similar Target Groups” feature of Google Inc. and
  • Facebook Inc.’s Pixel, used to record user behaviour, and the “Custom Audiences” remarketing feature.

The relationships with Google Inc. and Facebook Inc. are based on the Privacy Shield C (2016) 4176.

Your IP address is recorded but rendered immediately anonymous and translated into an approximate location only. Data is processed based on the legal provisions of Art. 96, para 3 of the Telecommunications Act (TKG) and Art. 6, para. 1 lit a and/or f of the GDPR.

You can find more information about the terms of use and data protection at:

By using our websites, you express your consent to the processing of data collected by Google Inc. or Facebook Inc. about you within the context described above.

All the above-mentioned Google Inc. and Facebook Inc. services and features use cookies. With regard to the cookies feature, the possibility of preventing cookies from being installed and the related functional limitations of our websites, please refer to the section “What are cookies and how are they used by PREFA?”.

You can object to the processing of your data within the scope of Google Inc. and Facebook Inc. services and features at any time to prevent your visits to our websites from being recorded in the future. To do this, you must activate “opt-out-cookies”:

Social sharing and embedded videos

Our websites use social sharing plugins for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. In our News area, for example, these take the form of social media buttons, some of which feature the respective company logos. Clicking on the respective provider’s button establishes a direct connection to their server and you are informed exactly which website you are visiting and which content you would like to share. When you log in as a registered user with the respective provider, while you are visiting this website, your visit may be recorded in your profile by this provider. Simply visiting our websites may be enough for this information to be recorded. When you share or “like” our content, this can be seen by other people in your social network. This can be managed by adjusting your privacy settings.

In addition, some of our websites contain embedded videos which are hosted by the external streaming service provider, Youtube. Data is sent to the provider, at the latest, when you play such a video.

Please refer to the provider’s privacy policy for more information: 

What does PREFA use my data for?

All personal data is collected, processed and used according to current legislation on the protection of personal data primarily for the purpose of providing the services you order and for processing your requests.

We use your personal data for the following purposes: 

  • To carry out the services ordered by you;
  • To make it easy for you to access our websites and services;
  • To adapt, measure and improve our services, contents and ads;
  • To inform you – following separate, express consent – by email or phone about our services and the services of our business partners and customers, targeted marketing measures, service updates and promotions.

The personal data that you communicate to us (e.g. your name and address or email address) is processed solely for correspondence with you and only for the purpose for which you made the data available to us. Your data is only forwarded in individual processing steps as part of the order process to group entities or other service providers who support us in the provision of services. In addition, the information will certainly not be circulated unless statutory provisions permit or require this. Where we commission service providers to perform and handle processing procedures as part of the order process, the contractual arrangements are governed in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We commission other companies and individuals to perform tasks for us. These service providers are granted access to personal data required to perform their tasks. However, they may not use this data for other purposes. In addition, they are obliged to handle the information according to this Privacy Policy and the applicable legal and contractual regulations for data protection.

Does PREFA pass on my personal data?

In principle, we store your personal data in Austria, however, there may be cases when your data is transferred cross-border to a country within the EU.

Your data is disclosed within the framework laid down by law, particularly to fulfil contractual objectives and to conduct pre-contractual measures, to group entities or other service providers who support us in the provision of services, and to our specially selected tradesmen, logistics companies and IT service providers which are required to achieve the legitimate purpose.

Our newsletter is mailed electronically by the company Newsletter2Go GmbH which has it registered office in Germany. We have concluded a corresponding order data processing agreement with this provider. For this purpose, data entered to subscribe to the newsletter is transferred to Newsletter2Go GmbH which processes this data and stores it for the purpose of sending out the newsletter.

Is my personal data secure on PREFA websites?

We take all the latest technical and organizational security measures to protect your personal data against loss, access by unauthorized persons and improper use.

How long does PREFA store my personal data?

Personal data is not stored for any period longer than is necessary for the respective processing purposes.

How can I check or update my personal data? What rights am I entitled to with regards to my personal data?

You have the right to access, the right to rectification, the right to erasure, the right to restriction of processing, the right to data portability and the right to object. If you have reason to believe that the processing of your data violates data protection laws or that your data protection rights have been violated in any way, you can lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. In Austria, this is the Data Protection Authority.

Will I receive ads from PREFA?

You only receive ads from us if you have provided us with your consent to use, process and transfer your personal data for advertising purposes. In this case, you will then receive, for example, an electronic newsletter. You may withdraw this consent at any time.

Where can I go for help?

Should you have any questions, please contact us at:

PREFA Aluminiumprodukte GmbH
Werkstraße 1
A-3182 Marktl/Lilienfeld
Tel: +43 2762 502 0
Fax: +43 2762 502 874